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Jan 10, 2013 2:30pm PST
on mission and cesar chavez is another over 100 units of affordable housing. * between mission and south van ness there is another huge complex of affordable housing. i think our little area has had its share of affordable housing. i don't like how the city tiptoed around taking all the affordable housing owl of the complex on mission street and moving it into one area. i don't think that's correct. i think that it may seem like a little hanky-panky going on they were able to trade-off. that way they would get all the units on mission street at market price, and yet our little area on shotwell and 26th, we'll have to deal with another affordable housing. i don't know if this is rental, if it's purchase. we haven't heard anything about what kind of affordable housing this is. so, i would appreciate it if the mission would defer a vote on that aspect of it because we the neighbors are really impacted with affordable housing. thank you very much. * commission >> thank you. let me call a few more names. lucy june as. pete [speaker not understood], oscar grande. tara omlegar. laura megalaro. >>
Jan 10, 2013 3:00pm PST
street, now cesar chavez, division street. that's the 12 ocean avenue down there. we also had quite a few cars back then just like we have today. so, that's something that's not new. what's happened in the interim, however, is we've seen decline in the area. 10 years ago it looked like that. that's the frontage. and the property owners on that block at that time formed the business improvement district, ask that business improvement district just cleaned up that street. the whole purpose of that was to invite investment. and we could not be happier than to have these two organizations come and invest, and i'll pull a number out of my hair, $60 million. if i'm off i'm not going to be off very much by what we're talking about here. if that's happening, we're going to get 160 more units of housing in the mission, 114 on this street that we spent a lot of time talking about in the eastern neighborhoods process, should be vertical, intensification of use. and you get more than twice the minimum amount of affordable housing. if this were inclusionary, wouldn't even be 20 affordable housing unit
Jan 8, 2013 8:30pm PST
that will benefit from mission promise neighborhood is chavez and bryant and oc, so connor will be part of that. we will focus on those four schools with the expectation to expand what we want to start in those four schools. it will focus on academic achievement and family stability and early childhood education and technology. we are looking to build strong, sustainable, healthy families in the mission. and it will piggyback on the sig work we are doing, and it's a nice consideration since sig is going away. i want to congratulate everyone for that tremendous work done. and we were one of seven cities in the entire nation that received the implementation grant. and we are one of a handful of cities that actually received a planning grant the first year and applied the following year and six months later -- really, and received the implementation grant. i think it speaks to the strength of the work happening in the mission. congratulations. >> if i could add to what commissioner mendoza said, of the grantees nationally we are one of two cities in the nation that received the highest award. the full
Jan 5, 2013 12:30am PST
we could work on. the idea of a common lexicon, we in the city, we will call say sar chavez street army street and back and forth. if you are not from san francisco and you are coming from somewhere else, as many of the folks were, they didn't necessarily know what we were talking about there. we're moving through our language, moving tlau our acronyms. it would have been very simple for me to come with a one pager even dealing with the slang, drop that on the table connected with the cop so everyone knew what was going on. that would have been helpful. that was the first one where i saw an area where we could do some good work. the second is typing, the concept of when i unload a front end loader that i also include what personnel will be with that equipment. we call it typing, many of you know the same thing, you know about it. the military came with all their equipment typed perfectly and it came to us right there. we didn't have that. i'm being very candid with all of you. we didn't have that coming in. so what we did was spent time telling them how many personnel come wi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4